Food & Wine; Perfect Matches

December 13, 2017

Food & Wine; Perfect Matches

Need a little inspiration on what food to serve with which wine so you look the biz at your next party/BBQ/family or friend gathering? Here’s a few ideas on what works with our Nashdale Lane range (but can be stolen and reapplied, shhhh we won't tell!).

Nashdale Lane 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

A crisp Sauvignon Blanc with herbaceous and citrus notes this is excellent paired with seafood like scallops, white fish with lemon/capers or a zesty sauce, salads, risotto or chicken baked with herbs and tomato. It is also perfect paired with almost anything that features goat’s cheese think simple thin crust pizza with goat’s cheese, Spanish onion and sundried tomato. A festive (and super simple!) crowd pleaser is opening a nice cold bottle of Sauv Blanc alongside healthy and light crudities and fresh dips like Hommous and Taramasalata - the range from Fresh Fodder’s is pretty hard-to-beat.

Nashdale Lane 2016 Pinot Noir

There’s something special about the lush, fruit-centred lightness of our Pinot paired with tender lamb or chicken. Different from other reds in that it doesn’t have big, chewy, drying tannins, our Pinot is also superb with rich, oily salmon and tuna dishes. It has a savoury, earthy character, which also works brilliantly with mushroom and lentil-based recipes. Our Pinot will happily grace any Christmas lunch or dinner table - it's ideal with roast turkey and roast lamb and ir works well with creamy, mild soft cheeses.

Nashdale Lane 2016 Tempranillo

Unlike some of the meaty, full-bodied Spanish styles of Tempranillo, this delicious drop is lighter - one we class as a medium bodied red that can be served chilled or at room temperature. It works a treat at any Aussie BBQ or as a more sophisticated accompaniment to vegetarian and chicken dishes. Try it paired with a veggie lasagne, roasted breaded chicken breast or try it with baked mushroom stuffed with feta and onion.

Nashdale Lane 2016 Shiraz

An elegant Shiraz with hints of red cherry, pepper and spice - this full bodied yet smooth red is best paired with seasoned red meat or for the vegetarian/ vegans out there use more meaty vegetables like mushroom and eggplant. For the simplest and failsafe pairing throw a good quality steak on the BBQ, whip up a simple green salad and bake homemade thick cut potato chips with this guy! Or if you want to be a tad fancier,  how about trying cumin and chilli spiced burgers or a slow cook lamb ragout.

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