Summer reds

December 05, 2017

Summer reds

Summer.  Beach/poolside. Sun. Barbeques. Vino. Paints a nice picture, right? Rose might be the biggest success story of the red wine family in recent years but it’s not the only red you should consider as a go-to tipple this summer.

A versatile wine, Rose is made from red grapes, the key difference (to most other red varieties) is that the contact with the skin during the winemaking process is briefer - hence the lighter colour of the wine. But there are other styles of red wine that are light and refreshing and will prove a winner at any BBQ or backyard soiree - from Tamarama to Tamworth (and beyond!).

Perhaps also consider serving chilled lighter to medium bodied red wines such as:

Pinot Noir – ever tried a nice quality, chilled Pinot? Honestly if you nail the choice (opt for a lighter hue like our Nashdale Lane 2016 Pinot) it’s amazing and ideal to serve during the warmer months + particularly delicious with pizza, cured meats and chicken as well as salted nuts and most good cheeses (just steer clear of blue cheese - too overpowering!).

Tempranillo – a delicious wine and popular staple variety of wine in Spain - a country where the climate can, like Australia, be particularly warm. Although some Tempranillos can be bold, those on the lighter side (generally considered mid weight for a red) work well served chilled and are absolute perfection with barbequed meats or veggies like baked Portobello mushrooms and grilled asparagus as well as spicy cured meats.

Other varieties well worth a try this summer (and could also be served slightly chilled) include:

Gammay Noir – a lighter style of red that could be compared to Pinot, it was used to make a once very popular French variety called ‘Beaujolais’ (since out of vogue but is making a come back!).

Sangiovese – the most planted grape variety in Italy this variety also does pretty well on Aussie soil too, if you haven’t tried this mid-weigh red variety you should! Also a great option for summer!!

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