Southern Wild Co. Southern Sky 300g Candle

A tribute to the Milky Way and the sparkling mystery of the vast southern sky; the rooftop of that wild and beautiful place we call home.

Intense and mysterious, Southern Sky’s top notes of cinnamon leaf and lemon peel are underpinned by resinous elemi, adding an unexpectedly smoky, cool incense vibe which is reinforced with light, spicy tobacco, earthy vetiver and patchouli. 

Think curling smoke from a crackling campfire under the gum trees, reaching up to a million sparkling stars. 

SCENT Boronia / Incense / Campfire
IMAGE Camping Under The Stars, Kosciuszko National Park, Heiko Otto
POEM A May Night on the Mountains, Henry Lawson

300g 10oz soy wax, two 100% cotton wicks, approx. 70+hr burn time. Recyclable kraft paper tube 95mm in diameter; 125mm in height.

Shipping additional $10, standard shipping via Australia Post.

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